Accursed Mountain

To start...

So we all get caught by this a**hole noble. He is a racist jerk, only hiring humans. He sees other races as nothing, so he uses his power to crush them. He was a slave trader, sending away orcs to get even more rich. In multiple attempts to stop this foul man, 3 men were sentenced to death.
- Spotted while attempting to break into the castle and spy on the noble, the Azer ****** was sentenced to death for breaking + entering, spying, and attempted murder.
- Vouching for the Noble’s daughter and the slaves over the Noble himself, the Human ****** was sentenced to death for treachery, betrayal, and treason of his higher up.
- Caught while breaking Orc slaves out of captivity, the Half-Orc ****** was sentenced to death for tampering with another’s business, stealing “merchandise”, and committing other generally blasphemous acts against the innocent nobles. (says a noble)


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